Free Brochures - How it works


We provide a FREE service to businesses where they are able to get brochures designed and printed at absoloutely no cost to them. These brochures are a useful tool for explaining their' services to customers whilst also adding to their professional image.

The typical configuration of our brochures are A4 portrait, with a silk finish on high grade paper. We usually provide at least 1,000 brochures, to be used over a two year period.

Along with the printed brochures we also provide a digital version of your brochure to install on your website or to email out.

To get an idea of the format and quality of the brochures we produce please CLICK HERE and browse our Example Brochures section.

How are the brochures funded?

The brochures are sponsored by local businesses which you feel will benefit from featuring in your publication. This way everyone benefits - Your company gets a professional, high quality set of brochures to hand out to clients, whilst the businesses within the brochures benefit by advertising and reaching their target market. For example if a florist features within a funeral directors' brochure, then they may be used to supply floral tributes for most if not all of the funeral directors' customers.

What are the benefits of these brochures, other than being FREE?

Generate interest and distribute information
Our brochures are a great tool for generating interest in your services and to distribute information to potential clients.

Essential for credibility and good professional image
Very few businesses today operate without some type of brochure describing their services. In a world where anyone can spend £50 on letterheads and business cards, a brochure proves you are in business and are more than a fly by night operation.

A time saving device
It would be too time consuming for you to type up individual letters to every prospect that showed interest in your services. Having your own set of brochures that explains all the ins and outs of your company means that prospects can take one away with them and read at their leisure.

Would you like to benefit from our FREE Brochure service?

If you're a business and you would like to have brochures designed and printed at no cost, then CLICK HERE.